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Hi, I'm Darryl Jacobson!

I am here to help you get the most accurate valuation on your car.
Our user friendly website allows you to select your car from a wide range of dropdown lists. We've even left you a space to enter any additional information which will allow for a much more accurate price to be obtained.

The True Price Team will answer your query within 24 hours after your enquiry.

Not only this, but we'll do it for free!

Why True Price?

Why True Price?

After your home, your wheels are probably the second most expensive item that you'll purchase and sell.

A quick and free online enquiry should be your first step in this process to avoid selling your wheels for less than they are worth.

Making sure that the price is right should be your top priority!
This small but sure step is the only way to go!

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"Appreciate your quick answer, it does help me in giving guidelines to proceed."


"Dear Darryl, thanks so much for the valuation and your call, and for putting the word out about my [vehicle]. I have already been contacted by a lady from Northwest. This is a big learning curve for me and your help and efficiency is much appreciated."


"A friend of mine used your service this week - needed to sell vehicle by Monday next week to cover a medical debt. He was about to sell to ..... for Rxxx when you told him he could get Rxxx - He stopped the sale and managed to get Rxxx for it..."