I've been in the motor industry for over thirty years and this is by far the most commonly asked question. Well, we now have the answer!

The True Price Team has spent an inordinate amount of time collating data from the vast majority of auction houses. We attend the auctions, check out the vehicles and collect the necessary information to build our unique database.

We take into account the year, make and model, the kilometers and the reconditioning of each and every vehicle. This will continue into the future, making our database ever growing and always up to date.

In our opinion, auctions are the 'stock exchange' of the used vehicle market.

Why Auctions?


There are over 100 000 cars auctioned a year in South Africa!

There are multiple bidders per car!

Bidders are both online and at the auctions in person and represent both the trade and private sector.

Where else can such a magnitude of bidders be found?!

Where else, other than at an auction can you obtain information for the True Price of your wheels?

At True Price we'll get this information for you! And share it with you for FREE!

We are of course aware that every set of wheels is unique, and that no two cars are the same.

Luckily, Darryl has been in the motor industry for over thirty years and will personally be in contact should your set of wheels not appear on our database.

We also have a specialist actuary on board. Adam the actuary has used algorithms and machine learning to assist in giving you a true indication of what your wheels are worth.