Massive Demand:  True Price Sees Website Swamped with Enquiries

Massive Demand: True Price Sees Website Swamped with Enquiries


The launch of True Price has exceeded all expectations! The website has, quite literally, been swamped with enquiries.

Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, says he has been absolutely amazed at the reaction to the launch on June 1. “Honestly, we knew that True Price had an important role to play within the South African motor industry. We knew that there would be a need for our service. However we completely under estimated demand,” he concedes.

Within hours of the launch of True Price, enquiries started flooding in. The company, believed to be a world first, offers motorists free vehicle evaluations. The evaluations are based on data garnered at thousands of vehicle auctions. “We think that our modus operandi provides the motorists with the most precise and realistic evaluation of the value of their vehicle – because valuations are based on prices actually paid on auction,” explains Jacobson.

Clearly, the motoring public has faith in the concept too – because, on June 1 alone, True Price received a whopping 2 698 requests for vehicle evaluations. “Truthfully, we didn’t anticipate this. We expected a couple of hundred requests,” Jacobson says.

The deluge of requests continued unabated on June 2 and 3 and, by noon on Sunday, True Price had received 4 167 requests for vehicle evaluations!

Jacobson believes that the response is the result of two factors. “Firstly, as we have discovered, thousands of people want to know the value of their vehicle. Secondly, True Price is extremely user friendly. We have made it as simple to use as possible. Motorists just need to go onto the site – located at There is no need to waste lots of time registering. It’s quick and easy! Then they can submit an enquiry online – and we give them the real value of their car,” explains Jacobson.

Jacobson says the success of the launch of True Price is both good and bad news. “On the one hand, we are utterly delighted with the response to the launch. I believe in the concept and the reaction proves that my belief is justified: people DO want to know what their wheels are worth! However the massive demand for our services has meant that we have not been able to respond to every single query within 24 hours, for which I apologise most profusely. The entire True Price team has worked the whole weekend, and we will continue to burn the midnight oil while we stem the tide of enquiries. My sincere apologies for any delays that vehicle owners may experience. I’m appealing to the public for their understanding; we simply did not anticipate the overwhelming demand for our service!” he says.

Going forward, True Price will be employing more people and ramping up its systems to cope with demand. “Based on the success of the launch, True Price is going to be more popular than we ever believed possible. Clearly, we need to allocate more resources to the company, and that’s exactly what we will do with immediate effect,” Jacobson promises.

Original source: True Price

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